Engine Rebuilding

This is how I got my start. My specialty is Oakland V8’s and 1928 and 1929 sixes.

1916 to 1923 $5700

1924 to 1927 $6000

1928 to 1929 $6000

1930 to 1931 $6700

These prices reflect additional material and machine shop labor costs. Unfortunately my babbitt man of over forty years retired and sold the business. He was not only good but VERY reasonable priced. Other babbitt shops are charging twice what he charged so prices had to increase. Prices are approximate, depending on block condition and may reguire additional machining. All rebuilds include new babbitt for mains and rods, complete valve job and new valves when needed, rebuilt water and fuel pumps and/or vacumn tank, distributor, generator, starter, gaskets, and timing chain. Carburetors are NOT included in the price. New pistons are also not included but I have a source that can provide new aluminum pistons for around $800 for a set of six and $1100 for a set of eight.

Transmissions are $450.

Clutch rebuilding complete:   Pressure plate type $350, Cone type $600

We rebuild front and rear axles and drive shaft U joints. U joints for front and rear are $150 for each end.  Pre-1923 are $400 each end.

Carburetors are another specialty. I have original carburetors 1926 through 1931 in stock. I’ll rebuild yours for $600. When I first started , I originally charged $250 but the economy has caused the repair kits to increase in price dramatically. I can also re-jet those 1929 Pontiac carbs to fit the 1929 Oakland.

Unfortunately our hobby is not a cheap one and costs are always rising. To my past customers and all my future customers, take some time to cost out having your engine done by your local machine shop. Afterwards, compare your prices to mine, apples to apples so to speak. I think you’ll find they aren’t even in the ballpark and you get the advantage of my forty-five years of experience. Call for a time frame when your engine can be done.