Welcome to Oakland Sales & Service

Thank you for visiting our Oakland Website.

I hope this site will inform you and help get that Oakland up and running or just keep it running. Gail and I enjoy going to various meets where Oaklands are present. We have met many new friends over the years who just want to talk Oakland. Our hope is that by visiting this site, you too will become an Oakland aficionado. I thought my recent semi-retirement would allow Gail and I to travel even more to help Oakland owners. Fortunately or not , I’m becoming even busier helping Oakland owners with their problems.

Oakland Sales and Service has knowledge on Oakland manufactured vehicles only but is not a restoration facility. We have sources for upholstery and body work that we will gladly pass on to you. You can find this information under the “Parts” section. We are here to help you get that Oakland up and running or just answer your questions. And I do travel to your location to work on your car or show you what to do.

The last three years saw a curtailment in my work schedule for health reasons. We are back to where we started and that is as a hobby that helps Oakland owners get their beloved vehicles back on the road. Feel free to call (610-498-3164 or 610-217-5862) with any questions you may have and I will try and answer them .

But remember, this is an Oaklands only website. Sorry , no Pontiacs. I am affiliated with the Oakland Owners Club International,Inc.(www.oaklandowners.com) as President and Tech Director, and while I highly recommend your membership in that great organization, this website is for the benefit of Oakland Sales and Service only.